Collectors Warehouse are proud to have partnered with Auctioneer Philip Powell. When assets are presented for sale, whether fixed property or movable assets, our collaborative team will assess the sale viability in each and every case to determine the most appropriate sales solution. We will then present to the client a thoroughly researched proposal outlining our suggested method of approach to be adopted.

We have had many great successful auctions of home contents and have positioned ourselves as the leading onsite auctioneers in this regard. Disposing of your movable or fixed assets this way is fast becoming the simplest route of disposal. The process is geared towards people who are wanting to sell everything as they may be moving house, country or are just wanting a fresh start. Let us help you.

Should the client not have the flexibility of time or if a property needs to be ‘realised’ in a short space of time, Powells is favorably positioned to present the property by public auction at short notice.

Logo-OLA_optAny enquiries please contact Powells 0217013380